Il Bollito e la pearà, the dish of the great occasion

amarone Costa Arente

The "bollito" is a famous dish throughout northern Italy and the Veronese tradition wants it strictly accompanied by a sauce from medieval origins: the Pearà

Sunday rhymes with boiled in Verona and is a recipe that is required on the tables of the Christmas holidays; obviously every family has its special touch to prepare pearà, but its preparation is all in all simple,the traditional ingredients are grated bread, broth, marrow and pepper which is the main element of all the sauce: pearà comes from "peverada" that means peppery, the Veronese writer Dino Coltro, in the volume "La cucina tradizionale Veneta", says that to achieve the perfect pearà is essential a slow and long cooking, which can last even hours.

A real delicacy that goes well with hot boiled mixed meats such as beef, veal, chicken, tongue and pork rind.

Bollito and pearà, a decidedly winter and hearty dish to accompany a wine of structure and just as important as Ripasso, another great gem of Veronese food and wine culture.